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    XT808 Tactical Flashlight At Just $56 Only


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    XT808 Flashlight - Up To 75% + Free Shipping

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Tactical XT808 Flashlight – How Much Effective For Emergency Kit Preparation?


Being prepared can minimize the possibility of small emergency from turning into a big issue. No matter, whether you’re at home, exploring outdoors or in the car, it’s always better to have an emergency survival kit with you. Preparing a good emergency kit is more than just medical kit. They not only include first aid supplies, but also tools like knives, riffle and particularly a flashlight, one of the top priority survival gears.

So far, you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. However, if you get into a situation full of darkness because of an earthquake, breakdowns, bombing or other problem, even a few steps can be dangerous unless you can see anything. Tactical XT808 Flashlight is a great gadget to have with you when no other source is on hand to enlighten your path. The good news is that XT808 is on sale. Normally it costs $224.45 but if you buy online, you will be getting it with 75% discount. Your purchase automatically qualifies for free shipping if placed today!


About Tactical XT808 Flashlight

Don’t let an insecure situation ruin your life. Tactical XT808 Flashlight  is an incredible military grade flashlight that has recently hit the market, perfect to handle any tactical situation or for day to day use. Made from aircraft aluminum, this flashlight has an adjustable zoom beam ranging from 1X to 2000X. With its 3 AAA power and 800 lumens, you get an ultra bright light suitable for survivalist, fireman, military operatives, officers to understand its importance. As it contains 100,000 hours of lamp life, it will never leave you in the dark. Also, this product is light in weight, water resistant that covers all specs you need to work in the snow as well as in rain. In addition to High/Medium/Low/SOS modes, it is paired with strobe effect which can let you get closer to your target as it has a quick tactical advantage of temporarily blinding your attacker.

The beauty about a rechargeable XT808 flashlight is that it is more than just a piece of light source that supports a beam of light, it is an important survival gear that can help you survive in the toughest situations. Nothing matches its range of versatility and quality. So, place your order now and get 75% off with free shipping today.


The Features of The Tactical XT808 Flashlight

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy – Made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is highly durable, and incredibly lightweight, has the ability to overcome the weight of heavy objects.

5 Pre-set Modes – High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS are the various modes that can be adjusted according to your needs. But the most efficient mode is SOS that can help you in emergency situations for sending a signal.

Telescoping Focus – whenever you want to find an object, some hundreds of meters away, you can choose 1x focus, 250x, 500x, and up to 2000x to fulfill your requirements.

800 Lumens of Light – It is equivalent to 60 Watts of light power that allows you to recognize an object that is about 500 meters away from you, perfect for the military observer, navy, fishermen, and for investigation purpose.

Beveled Edge – Flashlight has beveled edge, works as an emergency self defense weapon, used to hit aggressive targets.

100,000 Hours Lamp Life – This flashlight contains powerful bulbs that can last up to 100,000 hours.


Why Choose Tactical XT808 Flashlight?

Lightweight – As this flashlight is made from aluminum, which makes it durable and light in weight. You can easily carry with you while exploring outdoors.

Defensive Tool – Its beveled-end edge makes it an effective self-defense tool, has the power to blind an attacker at night, enough for you to escape.

Free Tactical Box – You need not to buy rechargeable batteries separately, and charger unit, get a free box with Tactical XT808 Flashlight to keep everything in one place.

Water Resistant – In addition to scratch resistant lens, this flashlight is 100% water resistant that allows you to work in rain or snow.


Tactical XT808 Flashlight Discount

1 XT808 Flashlight ($56.00 Per Unit) – $56

2 XT808 Flashlights ($48.50 Per Unit) – $97

3 XT808 Flashlights ($44.60 Per Unit) – $134

4 XT808 Flashlights ($42.24 Per Unit) – $169

5 XT808 Flashlights ($39.20 Per Unit) – $196

10 XT808 Flashlights ($35.00 Per Unit) – $350

15 XT808 Flashlights ($35.00 Per Unit) – $525

20 XT808 Flashlights ($35.00 Per Unit) – $700


Should You Buy the Tactical XT808 Flashlight?

Although Tactical XT808 appears to be a perfect flashlight with outstanding features, but the only issue with it is its availability & pricing

Available Online Only – You can’t find this flashlight at your local retail stores, the only option you have is to order online.

Pricing – Although its features may cover all your flashlight needs that are worth, but if we compare its price with other flashlights, it seems to be costly.

Difficult Instructions: Most of the people don’t read instructions before using it, they might face some difficulty, as this flashlight requires you to follow correct instructions.


Where Can You Buy the Tactical XT808 Flashlight?

Whether roadside emergencies turn extreme or you are facing a natural disaster situation, Tactical XT808 Flashlight is a life saving tool that won’t leave you alone in darkness. If you are impressed with its features and willing to buy it, then just visit, Here you will find all the possible discounts and deals . Take an advance of 75% discount offer with free shipping. More the number of pieces you order, greater offer will be applied for it. Order today as the offer is time sensitive!