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Astraea Eye Serum Overview


Aging is something through which every one of us needs to go through at a particular age, as it is inevitable. For the most part after 30’s, our skin begins losing its flexibility and smoothness, which affects our natural appearance. Signs of Aging, for example, wrinkles, Expression lines, overlap lines, crow’s feet, and imperfections get more noticeable with each passing day and takes away the natural glow and beauty of your face, thereby ruining the appearance of your face, especially your eyes, as the eyes are the first thing that came to notice. Due to this, it’s recommended to take care of your skin as soon as you enter your late 30s, by adapting a right anti-aging solution to your daily regimen, and that right product is Astraea Eye Serum. It will make your eyes and face as attractive and stunning as it was earlier.

Astraea Eye Serum is considered as the best anti-aging product, which reestablishes and restore your dull and matured skin. It is effective in eliminating the premature aging signs, from the very first application of this product. It works at the cellular level and deliver nutrients and moisture deep into the surface of the skin. Therefore, it prevents the itchiness, dryness, dullness and cracking of the skin by trapping the moisture in the skin surface and increasing the water level. Thus, it forms a protective barrier around the skin, to protect the skin from the harmful rays if the sun, dust, smoke and other environmental challenges. By applying this serum regularly around your eyes, you will notice that the appearance of dark circles, under eye puffiness and crow’s feet are diminished and your eyes have become attractive and so is your face.


Benefits of Using Astraea Eye Serum


Guidelines to Apply Astraea Eye Serum

  1. Rinse your face with warm water and a mild face wash.
  2. Pat dry your face with a soft and clean towel.
  3. Apply the Astraea Eye Serum evenly on your face and neck area.
  4. Massage it till it gets completely absorbed by the skin.
  5. Repeat the process two times a day to get maximum results.


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